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Send a personalized live music video to a friend or loved one

With all this craziness keeping us so far apart (literally), my friend Chris Soileau, came up with the idea of hiring a musician to make a video with a personalized message and a song to send to a friend, loved one or colleague who may be feeling particularly isolated, or just for a bit of joy in an otherwise uncertain and scary time.  

I have sent a bunch so far and I love it and have had such a happy response from the recipients!  

If you are interested in sending a Corona-Gram, please email me at

and let me know the person or peoples' name(s), email address and message you would like to relay.  I can pick a song for you or you can choose one.

Prices vary depending on the song (if i already know it, if i need to learn it, if i need to write it...etc)

Stay safe and wash your hands!


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